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Welcome to the wonderful world of sugaring. While this can be a fun and exciting industry it is not for everyone. To become a sugar it takes the right mindset, the right amount of dedication, and a true understanding of your role. Here you can get a insite on what it truly means to become a sugar baby.

Top 10 Sugar Sites

➀ Seeking Arrangement

➁ Ashley Madison

➂ SugarDaddyForMe  

➃ Secret Benefit

➄ SugarDaddy

➅ WhatsYourPrice 

➆ MissTravel Find 

➇ EstablishedMen 

➈ Sudy

➉ Rich meet Beautiful

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Where to find a legit sugar daddy

   Many people want to know where the sugar daddies areas if they are huddles in a circle hiding out in a cave someplace, absolutely not. They are all over the place even the people who are sugar daddies but just don't know it yet. The key is knowing what to say, and when to say it. Many sugar babies genuinely simply just attract sugar daddies. It can be how they talk, how they carry themselves, the places they hang out.


Living the lifestyle can be a total alert to the sugar daddies who are looking. You dress well, you're nice, you're easy to talk to, your an overall enjoyable person to be around. Many people have begun using online sites that are made specifically to market and connect sugar daddies and sugar babies.


The main issues with searching for the right sugar daddy for you are the waves of scammers looking to take advantage of sugar babies. Many women, however, find the dream arrangement and change there lives with the income


Contrary to popular belief sex with a sugar daddy is not necessarily needed, expected, or in many cases even wanted. People who are overseas and deployed, people with illnesses looking for companionship, people who are genuinely looking for a friend. While sex can be apart of your agreement it is not a sure thing. Many sugar babies are sugarless sugar babies meaning they do not have sex with customers for any reason ever. you set your own limits and rules and your potential sugar daddy needs to agree to them before an arrangement is set.


While sex with your sugar daddy is common by no means should you ever use it to keep or get a sugar daddy. Sex should only come after a few allowances and some time. The goal is to get and keep a good sugar not be a serial sugar dater. Never be pressured into anything you do not want to do.

Life Style & Attitude

The goal of a baby is to attain the lifestyle she has always wanted. Usually one of luxury but for each it may be different. Enhancements to your life and career. A sugar daddy is supposed to keep you maintained and more. Many provide an income, rent or housing needs, career needs, and so much more. There is never ay need to settle just keep looking.

The attitude of a sugar baby is confidence and radiance. She is not easily swayed by numbers, she has a goal in mind and does not settle. A successful sugar does regular maintenance , self-care, and aims to be the kind of person everyone wants to hang around.

Your Role As A Sugar

As a sugar, your role is to satisfy whatever need your sugar daddy desires (within reason) it could be boredom, loneliness, and a slew of other things. These people may lack the time, social skills, or looks to attain a regular mate but they have the financial means. They are paying you to deal with whatever it is they are going through. Think customer service.

As a sugar, you are never to be pressured into anything ever. There is always another sugar in the wings so don't settle and ultimately if you're not having fun or making the money you want... what's the point?

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