Coach CandyK


    I began my journey into the adult world over seven years ago while I was a stay at home mother and wife. Looking for some extra income I found my self as a webcam model , brand new and not knowing what the heck I was doing, all I knew was the ad said make thousands as a webcam model from home so... I was trying to make thousands as a webcam model from home!. After some time and some bumps in the road, I finally began to make the money I truly wanted. Along the way, I learned more and more and picked up as much
as I could. I began to try different ways to bring in income in the adult world, from home that is.

   My customers began requesting panties, pictures, phone sessions, girlfriend experiences, dominatrix sessions, fetish sessions and so much more I immediately saw the potential. I spent the next couple years doing some of everything, learning everything I could, enjoying all of my customers, and meeting some amazing adult workers in the process. One common problem I kept running into, was so many women wanted to star in the adult world but did not know-how. So many women were already adult workers but where either making no money, low balling themselves because they didn't understand the value, or being scammed. I wanted to help people skip that awkward lost and confused phase and get right down to making the money.

     I began a small Facebook group of about 64 women where I simply taught them, whatever they wanted to know. One by one each found a nitch and day by day the group grew and I have been able to reach and help hundreds of adult workers! Whether you are brand spanking new, or have experience......I can help! Are your sales lagging?Are you lost? Are you self conscious? Are you ready to get professional help from someone who has been in the industry for years and has had lots of success and is willing and happy to share and teach? Then take the workshop, or begin one of the mentor programs and start reaching your full potential in the adult world. Invest in yourself, and let a professional invest in you.-xoxo Coach CandyK

Mission Statement

        My mission is to see every adult worker find success. To help empower people , and feel confident and comfortable in their own skin! Help individuals feel accepted and strong on their journey to finding financial freedom, and having a blast at the same time, and to encourage people to step out of the shadows and into the spotlight


Do the steps,Make the money!