AVN Stars


                                                                                             What is an only fan account?

IF YOU'RE A regular user of social media, you may have seen the term 'OnlyFans' pop up on your timeline or appearing in people's bios. Essentially, OnlyFans is a social platform in which people can sell photos, videos and live streams via monthly memberships .

Basically think a Facebook page people pay for Post what you want and get paid. X rated content or pretty much whatever you want .

People can make thousands of dollars in a single week using this platform, with there being no cap on income your limitless. That means you make whatever you put into it. OnlyFans is a great tool for entertainers however you need to have subscribers to make it work. 

Many people get stuck dead in there tracks due to lack of marketing. UNlike facebook it's not as easy to aquare "friends" aka subscribers, some platforms like AVN Stars has a user friendly set up that allowes you to actually contact and mingle with other entertainers and potential customers without them being subscribers. This is a way to help market directly on yhe platform, we will cover more on AVN Stars in a moment. Onlyfans however, has a slightly less user friendly atmosphere when you log on as a customer your going directly to your page or the person who have subscribed to pages with a view previews of other subscriptions you can purchase. Once your fans subscribe to you, you can treat it like any other platform and post pictures, videos, go live, your fans may post to you,tip you, purchase content and make request,or just keep up with your life. This will help you build repore and familiarity with your customers.

                                                                           Can you make money on OnlyFans?

There are a variety of ways to earn money on OnlyFans, not just the initial subscription fees. ... In fact it is possible to not only make a living but you can also make a career and life changing amounts of money from OnlyFans! There are many reports of content providers earning well in excess of 10k per


Like many things, getting your account approved can potentially be a pain in the ass but as ling as you follow the guidelines you should not have any problems. You do need to complete the application in its entirty do not skip anything even if it lets you, not nudes in your profile or your background, check back in 24-48 hours for results after you have submitted your application. You will need to enter your bank info to earn/or buy.

You can also have mutiple accounts for mutiple reasons, your page comes with a sharable link to help bring in subscribers

ready to try it out?

A proper OnlyFans price is a easy $50 a month subscription, or so it was. You will see prices for as low as $5 (that is as low as you can go until it's just free) basically the market is D O W N due to low balling and bad pricingand over spoiling of the customers. However some people have figured out how to make this work for them. For example, some people use there OnlyFans to advertise. And what this means is they only post cencored videos and clips with a option to purchase the unedited versions. The customer essentially is paying for access to adult rated ads. Think about it like this, if a single nude can go for $10+, then why give access to 30 days of pictures for only $10 or less? 


Unless you have a very high priced subscription it is absolutly ludacris to sale all your nudes for $5 for a entire month and to mutiple people at that. However if you sale them access to you and access to ourchase what your offering , then your doing something. 

Teasers will get you a long way, and including things like your amazon wish list, your cash app, directions on how to tip you will give you results you never even imagined and this is before they even purchase a item from you.  If you have a niche such as foot fetish and that is the content you create , promote it to feet lovers it sounds simple enough but many don't think about it .

Making Money


Information directly from

                                                            AVN Stars: New Adult Fanclub Platform

AVN Stars is a fanclub platform powered by AVN. With AVN Stars, models can make money from premium fanclub subscriptions, stories and live streaming. AVN Stars is also has a social element to it and can be used to post updates and interact, as well as monetizing through subscriptions. AVN Stars is also highly integrated into AVN and used for things such as nominations and voting. Here’s all the details on AVN Stars.

Quick Information:

  • Services: Fanclubs, Camming, Clips, Messaging, Tips

  • Genders: Female, Male, Transgender

  • Model Percent: 80%

  • Cashout Options: ACH, Paxum

  • Payout Frequency: On-Demand

  • Minimum Payout: $25

  • Regional Blocking: Country-Level

  • Affiliate Program: Model Referral

  • Studio Accounts: Yes


What’s Required To Get Started

The only major requirement is that you must be eighteen years or older and have the rights to all content being posted. Anyone can join AVN Stars as a social media without providing tax information (W9) or age verification. The verification documents and tax documents are required to charge for anything, however. All genders and sexual orientations are welcome and anyone can earn money on the platform. Studios, producers and other businesses are also welcome on the platform as well.


How Much AVN Stars Make

AVN Stars pays their performers 80% of all revenue generated on the site. This is a flat rate for all services (subscriptions, messaging, tips, ect). AVN Stars also have the potential to earn a 5% lifetime revshare from all earnings from other AVN Stars referred to the site.


Payments: Cashout Options, Minimums and Frequency

AVN Stars offers cashouts through either ACH or Paxum. The minimum cashout is $25. Cashouts are made on demand and can be requested once the minimum payout is reached. Cashouts might take up to seven days to be fulfilled after payouts are requested.

This is a fairly new platform in comparison to the rest of the mian stream platforms but it is growing expanensianally everyday. It is easy , you can access it via mobile device or desktop , and the payout is 80%. Give it a try-